JLA Hydro, your Hydroelectric power partner

In a world with ever-increasing energy needs, we need to review our consumption patterns and promote a return to clean, free and non-polluting energy sources.

The fossil energies, used massively until now, are expensive and increasingly scarce. Polluting, they go against a sustainable development and and jeopardise our planet’s survival every day.

What is our objective

- To leave behind a sustainable planet for our children

- To provide populations in the southern hemisphere with access to energy

How will we achieve this?

By using a renewable energy source: the hydraulic energy.

Our initiatives:

Our company specialises in the design and manufacture of Crossflow hydraulic turbines and control systems for small hydroelectric power plants.

For over 30 years, JLA equipments have been successfully used in many countries to meet the energy needs of rural communities, companies and private individuals.

We attach great importance to producing high quality products and developing tailor-made technological solutions. We provide our customers with sustainable and reliable equipment.

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