More than just a profession, hydropower is our passion.
More than just a profession, hydropower is our passion. For this reason, we do everything to make sure that our hydraulic turbines and control systems benefit from the last technological advances.

Simon Cuvelier


Simon CUVELIER, a civil engineer trained in electro-mechanics. He has worked with Jean-Luc Willot since 2006. As co-founder of JLA & Co, he works on the manufacture, marketing, installation of JLA products and developing the company’s range of products.

Simon Sepulchre


Simon SEPULCHRE, a civil engineer trained in mechanics, came to reinforce the team in 2012. With an outside look and the experience gained from major industrial companies, Mr Sepulchre came at the right time to assist with the increasing workload following the development of the company. In addition of supporting his partners, his goal is the development of the company’s activities.

Nicolas Parmentier


Nicolas Parmentier has a PhD in mechanics. He joined the team in 2017 with a large experience in the renewable energy sector. He leads the Research and Development activities to support the development of the JLA range.

Richard Beckers


Richard Beckers is a business engineer. He joined JLA Hydro in 2019 after more than 10 years of expatriation in Africa and various experiences in team and project management.