Our Philosophy

How things currently stand

Fossil energies have been massively used until now but are becoming more scarce and therefore more expensive. In addition, they make us dependent on the goodwill of providers who are often far away from the user.

They cause pollution, prevent sustainable development and jeopardise our planet’s survival every day. Nuclear power does not currently represent a sustainable solution, especially when it comes to handling the associated waste.

What if we were to use more renewable energy sources? Hydroelectric power is an excellent alternative.

What we can offer

In order to leave a sustainable planet to our children and provide populations living in the southern hemisphere with access to energy, we believe that we should review our methods of generating power and rely more extensively on renewable energy sources. Among those, hydroelectric power is the prime choice.

Sustainable Development Goals

Global access to clean, affordable, energy is the # 7 goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Extending infrastructure and improving technologies as well as developing isolated networks to meet rural electrification needs are key steps in achieving this goal. Through the development of hydroelectric projects, JLA Hydro SPRL has been in a sustainable development approach for many years.